Sunday, May 9, 2010

30 Days.

I can't even begin to explain how long and great of a day today was. I also can't begin to explain how tired and sore I am from being outside in the sun for as long as I was. Long Beach Bicycle Grand Prix was definitely a success, just like it was last year. While the criterium race was going on, bike polo was being played as well. 

Collin was sick, so he didn't race the Cat 4's this morning. Mike and Jesse, however, were both doing well during the race. With races comes c*****s, and, well, Jesse slid out again. Poor guy, I felt bad for him. Mike was out front for the majority of the race, pulling the field and holding first for quite sometime. Not sure what happened towards the end of the race, though. He wasn't up front when the leaders crossed the finish.

Women's Cat1-3 was definitely a great race to watch. My friend/mentor, Beatriz Rodriquez, took first place. It's so hard to cheer for her because I always get her and her teammate mixed up hahaha whoops? Tara got pulled, her legs were giving out on her. I'm just proud that she go out there and raced after her recovery.

The Men's Pro Cat1/2 - Always my favorite race to watch. I felt way more comfortable knowing a certain team didn't show up to race haha OUCH-Bahati Foundation's Devan Dunn was off the front for a while, taking primes and kicking butt wherever he went. Morgan (OUCH-Bahati) was up front for a while as well. I was sooo stoked for the foundation. There was a c**** in turn 5 during the last lap, and I think another one that took out Ashley? I'm not sure about the latter. All I know is that Ashley disappeared from the field and I read later on twitter that he was in another crash?

My favorite boys did fairly well though. Rahsaan Bahati placed 2nd, Justin Williams (Trek/Livestrong U23) placed 6th, and Danny Kam (Herblife/LeGrange) placed 19th. So proud of my boys!!!

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