Tuesday, May 18, 2010

21 Days.

Dear Roadies,

Yes, I ride a fixed gear, with no breaks.
Yes, I wear lycra and jerseys. 
Yes, I ride clipless.
Yes, I am at criterium & road races warming up with your compadres.


No need to be rude by deliberately shoving me out of the way at a race (although the guy who did this had a team mate who witnessed this and apologized a million times, thanks) No need to tell me to get off the bike trail when you can't even hold your line. There is absolutely no reason to not give me the respect you give to other riders. 

I signal when I make turns.
I call out when I'm passing you.
I call out road conditions/debris when you're DRAFTING me (why you would, I have no idea).
I check over my shoulder to make sure you guys aren't going to be on my left or right when I decided to pull off.
I ask if you're ok if I see you sitting on the side of the road.
I wave to you or smile when we cross paths.

Please, seriously, drop the egos and just be courteous. That's all I ask.

Sincerely yours,


1 comment:

  1. Love this.

    We're on the same page, I love taking out my fixie with my clipless pedals and riding shorts to go on the group ride with the town's roadies.